Comfoor Cares! Our CSR programme


Comfoor cares! We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously!

The Climate Neutral Group (CNG) supports Comfoor in its endeavours to operate in a climate neutral way. We have reduced our CO2 emission in the following ways:

We offset the remaining CO2 emission via Gold Standard certificates in the HIVOS National Biogas programme in Cambodia:

In Cambodia families cook using wood. That is expensive, unhealthy, time-consuming and bad for the environment. That is why we offer them biodigesters so that they have 'clean' fuel, also for lighting, which also reduces health problems, saves costs and reduces the workload. The residue from the gas production is a rich fertiliser used for agriculture and fewer trees are felled. The result: a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Read all about the HIVOS National Biogas programme here.