Comfoor introduces new brand: Akouz

Comfoor has carried two lines of products for years: hearing protection and hearing improvement. Our hearing protection products are known by the brand name of Pluggerz. The hearing improvement products were unbranded. Until today! As of today, Comfoor will produce its hearing protection products under the brand name of Akouz. These products are naturally of the same trusted quality, but will be presented in new packaging for clear profiling.

Akouz means: 'you hear'

Akouz is derived from Greek and means ‘you hear’. A word we often encounter in terms such as acoustics and acoustic. Like the word Pluggerz, we spell it with a Z to indicate the relationship between the brands.

Nothing else is changing. We operate based on the same core values you expect from us: knowledge, quality, innovation, progression and professionalism. 

Akouz: specialist in custom made for audiologists and audiology

Comfoor therefore remains Comfoor, with two brands: Pluggerz for hearing protection and Akouz for hearing improvement. Akouz is the specialist for audiologists, both as a supplier and a knowledge partner.

New communications

With the advent of the new Akouz logo, we are gradually updating our communications. We are first  preparing our supplies so that we need not throw anything away and have as little impact on the environment as possible. With the arrival of Akouz, we have also updated our product brochures, which are available for ordering as of today. 

New website

With the introduction of Akouz, we are also launching our new website. The company focuses on three business units: audiology, industry & PPE and retail. This is visible at a glance on the website. All information about our products and what Comfoor Academy has to offer, is available on the website.

We are delighted with Akouz! It provides greater recognisability for audiologists and we recognise many opportunities for the future. Take a look at our updated website and order the new product brochures. And do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions!