Hearing protection

We believe that preventing hearing damage is an important duty. It is nice to be able to hear and no one wants permanent hearing damage. With our Pluggerz label we offer everyone their own hearing protection.

Pluggerz helps you take care of your ears. Whether the customer is going to a concert or festival or has to work in a noisy environment, Pluggerz offers universal low-cost hearing protection. Thanks to the ease of availability and immediate availability it is an easy way for the average consumer to become acquainted with hearing protection.


If a slightly higher level of protection is required consumers and employees can opt for the Comfoor Unifit. This a Pluggerz to which we have added a unique filter which attenuates noise and pressure to a safe level yet it remains easy to communicate with other partygoers or colleagues, for example.


If hearing protectors have to be worn regularly the best choice is undoubtedly a custom-made solution. These hearing protectors are measured by the hearing specialist and are made specifically for the customer's ears. This means they offer the best attenuation across the entire frequency range and fit to a T. Comfoor guarantees the fit and the seal. Click here for our guarantee terms.