In the Netherlands, about 1.6 million people are hearing impaired and over 2 million people have tinnitus. Comfoor wants to help people improve their hearing, enjoy life in the best possible way and protect as many people as possible against hearing impairment.We do this mainly with digitally produced custom made hearing protection and ear moulds and together with audiologists and hearing care professionals. We also have universal hearing protectors for incidental use.

Supplier and knowledge partner

We offer an extensive range of customised products to hearing care professionals. Alongside our customised products - ear moulds and hearing protection - we also supply impression materials and accessories. As a customer, you can order them directly via our customer portal, where you can check the status of your orders at any time.

With the brand Pluggerz we supply high-quality hearing protection for home and for work. Our Pluggerz dealers provide you with customised earplugs. They take care of everything from A to Z, from the measurements to the delivery and customer checks. We also offer high-quality universal hearing protection.

Comfoor Academy is our knowledge and training centre, where we offer training sessions and courses to our customers. Learn anything from how to make ear impressions to how to interpret the Working Conditions Act and the implementation of hearing protection measures in businesses. We also organise lectures and information sessions at schools, trade fairs and seminars.

The brand Akouz want to make life as good as possible for people who want to hear better. That is why we continuously work on improving hearing with digitally produced , custom made ear moulds with a guaranteed fit. We do this together with audiologists and hearing care professionals. 


With our brand Pluggerz we produce high quality hearing protection for professionals and consumers, at home and at work. Our Pluggerz dealers take prints from and test and deliver the earplugs to the customer. We also have a high-quality line of universal earplugs.