Enjoy life, control sound! with Pluggerz Earplugs

Sound is everywhere. We often enjoy it, but sometimes it’s simply too loud, too low or bothersome. Therefore, it is important to control the way we perceive sound, as well as its intensity. 

Pluggerz by Comfoor supplies high-quality personal and professional hearing protection. Through digitally produced, customised products with the perfect fit, as well as high-quality standard products. Hearing protection dampens sound to the desired level, while still allowing for efficient communication. The Pluggerz earplugs are available for a range of activities, from swimming to travelling, motorcycling, attending festivals, studying in silence or sleeping undisturbed.

Pluggerz products

Pluggerz offers a wide range of hearing protection products, from universal and customised hearing protection products for consumers to suitable hearing protection equipment for businesses.


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In the work environment

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