3 tips om maximaal te genieten van de Formule 1

16 Mar 2022

The best sound experience from the start with the Uni-RIC

1 Sep 2021 | Erik
Starting the process for a fitting hearing aid with a high-quality custom made ear mould... and most importantly: being able to offer your customers the best sound experience from the start, with optimised use of all features of the hearing aid (as opposed to using domes). Doesn't that sound amazing?

The 6.5-hour working day: work less hours and do more!

14 May 2021 | Daniëlle van der Wiel - Operations manager Comfoor
Working fewer hours and still getting more work done sounds illogical, right? And yet, experiments show that a shorter working day leads to more productivity, with happier employees and less absenteeism. At Comfoor we implemented the shortened working day as tool for achieving operational excellence.

Nudging in the workplace. How do you encourage employees to wear hearing protection?

9 Feb 2021 | Peter Weijl, Sales Manager Industry & PPE Comfoor|Plugger|Akouz
How do you get your employees to actually wear their hearing protection in the workplace? In practice, the biggest challenge turns out to lie in the change of human behavior.

New working method Comfoor production and services

20 May 2020 | Roy Boers
We used the past weeks to rearrange our company processes for the moment we are allowed to offer our services to our clients actively. At Comfoor we have made a safety protocol in accordance with the guidelines of the AEA (European association of hearing aid professionals). With this protocol we are ready to protect our employees, to produce responsibly and to serve our customers safely.

Comfoor introduces new brand: Akouz! For hearing improvement

20 Feb 2020 | Iris
Comfoor has carried two lines of products for years: hearing protection and hearing improvement. Our hearing protection products are known by the brand name of Pluggerz. The hearing improvement products were unbranded. Until today! As of today, Comfoor will produce its hearing protection products under the brand name of Akouz. These products are naturally of the same trusted quality, but will be presented in new packaging for clear profiling.